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Stalled Wounds

Stalled wounds

stalled wound
Certain wounds can get stuck in the inflammatory phase, even after all underlying issues have been addressed, and may need dressings with
 something extra to help them move towards healing. A great deal of evidence suggests that elevated protease activity may be the cause of
delayed healing, however, because there are no visual cues, it is difficult to know what treatment to use.

Treatment aim:
Addressing the underlying causes of delayed healing, consistent with elevated protease activity (e.g. MMPs and Elastase), accelerating healing whilst controlling exudate. Early intervention is important for expeditious wound healing.

Dressing options:
A protease test could have the ability to not only tell you when to start an appropriate treatment such as a protease modulating dressing with collagen/ORC, but also when to stop that treatment. This has the potential to give you more control over the healing therapy and the costs.

Let’s HealTM solution:

Primary dressing:

Secondary dressing:

In venous ulcers:

C1782 Feb 2014
PRB code 3454

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